Project Her is a platform to help you access key resources to elevate your business and brand. Our Membership, Pick My Brain partnership, speaker series, and event opportunities all serve to empower female businesses. Project Her is a collective of women creating success on our own terms.

Project Her X Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain

Project Her dives deep unlocking creative economic and social opportunities to show up as authentically you and get noticed in an online marketplace.

Ladies, Let’s Talk

A chat with Ann Kaplan, Maeghan Cotterill, and Ashley Newman. Break it. Get over it. Move forward. An evening to be inspired by successful women who overcame tragedy in spite of it all.

Hacking Success Her Way

An intimate gathering for female entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and future powerhouses featuring host Traci Melchor and special guests Ann Kaplan, Patricia Lapena, Karen Lee and Maria Locker.

With a Project Her Membership, you will have monthly access to industry experts presenting on a variety of topics including live Q&A opportunities.

Women entrepreneurs are growing the Canadian economy – contributing $148 billion annually and employing 1.5 million Canadians.

67% of women feel it takes up to 5 years to feel empowered as an entrepreneur ​

Financial independence, flexibility, and a better balance for work and family life are listed as top motivators for starting a business for women entrepreneurs. ​

Finding the tools to grow and manage a business is overwhelmingly the top challenge for women entrepreneurs. ​

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